Picking a Tool to Use to Mass Scrape Thousands of Keywords

So you want to scrape bulk keywords. Assuming you’re a novice to expert internet marketer, you’ve probably already explored the following options:

  • Scrapebox keyword scraper (limited by your proxies)
  • Ubersuggest (gives you about 100 or so keywords from a single entry; not bad, but will take a long time and a lot of copy pasting)
  • Google Keyword Tool (same, great for small batches of keywords)

I’ve found the biggest bottleneck in my web scraping process has been getting a large enough keyword list. Whether you’re using Scrapebox, Gscraper, or some other app, they all require you to import a keyword list before you can actually start scraping URLs.

Moving right ahead, here are two great free options I’ve found in the past week by digging through countless forums and private communities.

Option 1: KeywordScraper by Piotr (Blackhatworld)

This is a great little app. I like to think of it as Ubersuggest, but instead of starting a new scrape and having to re-load the page, you can continually add keywords to the list for them to scrape. One keyword generally yields anywhere from 50 to 150 keywords. This means you can just start typing from the top of your head. Example, “internet marketing, blogging, seo, content creation, backlink building, forum posting, wordpress seo”; in about 30 seconds, you already are pushing thousands of keywords.

Then, when you have your list, click the “Copy to clipboard” button and paste it into your software. Pretty easy.

Piotr Keyword Tool

This is a Windows program, so if you’re running Mac or Linux you’ll have to run it in a virtual environment. Here are the download links and VirusTotal information (it’s virus free):

Download links:


Option 2: KeywordSh*tter

It feels lame bleeping out sh*tter, but coming from an SEO background, I’ve read plenty about curse words and their effect on webpage rankings. Better play it safe!

I love everything about this website.
The name is funnny. It’s a website, so no software needed. Its free. Its simple.

And, well, the app does exactly that. Enter a keyword, and it just won’t stop spitting out keywords. I typed in “Test”, and its up to 13,000 unique keywords and counting:


You can try it out here: http://keywordshitter.com/

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, if you’re going for quality, option #1 is going to get you some great targeted keywords very quickly. It is like UberSuggest on crack, and if you work very quickly and can think of 50-100 things to feed the app per minute, you’ll have a list in the tens or hundreds of thousands very quickly. Take it one step further and work up a macro to copy and paste words into the app, and run it over night. You’d probably wake up to a list in the tens of millions.

If you’re going for quantity, Keywordsh*tter is the best I’ve found. It just doesn’t give up. As we speak, its in the tens of thousands approaching hundreds of thousands just for the word “Test”.

Do you have a tool that can beat that? What do you think of these two? Let me know in the comments below.

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