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A couple of months ago, I purchased a software that a friend of mine recommended to me called Email Verifier Professional by The software is built to verify a large list of emails to determine if the email is active and alive or not. This would be useful for many scenarios, including cleaning newsletter lists of inactive emails, reducing costs for sending emails, and more.

I decided to pull the trigger and purchase it after playing with their demo. After a couple months of using the software, I have to say I am very dissatisfied with it.


  • The software works with small lists
  • Ability to import multiple formats
  • Comprehensive email checks that appear to be accurate


  • Terrible support. They did not respond to a single one of my emails.
  • Software breaks with larger lists, making this a poor choice for larger email lists
  • Relatively expensive at $74.95
  • Windows only (I’m a Mac user)
  • Very slow and clunky. I feel like the software could have been built much better.
  • Difficult to organize lists with poor interface (Some things are just made too damn confusing, moving lists from one list to the other should not be this difficult guys).

Bottom Line

I would not recommend Email Verifier Professional. If there’s better software out there, I haven’t had the pleasure of using it, but I do wish I could get my $74.95 back. The software is practically unusable to me, as it does not scan larger lists without breaking, and the support ignores any negative support inquiries. Look elsewhere for an email verifier.

Thoughts? Comments?

Have you used Email Verifier Professional? Were you swindled into downloading it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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