What Is The Best Growth Hack For Boosting Sales?

As a marketer and a website and business owner, I’m always searching for awesome growth hacks to increase sales on my sites.

The problem with most growth-hacking techniques that I see is that they usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • They insult my intelligence (this offer isn’t going to expire in 60 minutes)
  • They are annoying (email opt-in popups, pressure sales, etc)
  • Their call to actions present no real value
  • They otherwise negatively impact visitor browsing and experience

So how do you come up with a way to encourage more spending activity from your visitors without being a nuisance and providing value?

One of the solutions I came up with is to implement a growth-hack/call to action on my “Success” page, which visitors land on after they successfully purchase something from my site.

My thoughts behind this were:

  • My success page was boring and didn’t have much content, so it needed improvement anyway
  • Targeting visitors who have already spent money presented a unique opportunity for clever language
  • I wanted a way to provide value, so I decided to implement a coupon code to reward visitors for being a customer of ours

Here’s a Balsamiq wireframe example of what this success page would look like:

Balsamiq wireframe

The results? A 30% increase in sales. It was amazing to see a sale come in, and then 5 minutes later, another sale from that same customer with their 20% discount applied. It was clear that our language got through to them about giving attention to their other social media profiles instead of just the one they ordered.

Would they have placed another order if there hadn’t had been that call to action? The immense increase in sales and data from past orders proves that the number of orders my average client makes increased dramatically after this simple addition.

This effective growth-hack took less than an hour for me to implement.

What do you think? Has this technique helped your site perform better? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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