Are Onsite Blog Comments Good for SEO?


Blog comments, as we well know, are important to keep users coming back to check up on conversation. Blog comments are also an important sign of popularity and activity on a blog, which can help increase a blog’s overall reputation to it’s visitors.

What about blog comments within search engine algorithms? Can having more blog comments on any given post increase your search engine rankings for that given page? We seem to think so, and over controlled tests, our posts with a larger amount of comments and the same amount of backlinks ranked much better for our keywords.

Here’s why search engines love posts with comments, and why you should too.

1.) Comments create more content for search engines

Every time someone leaves a helpful and thoughtful contribution to your website, it adds to the overall content value of your page. This could mean you could start to rank for keywords you never would bother to rank originally.

2.) Helps keep the page fresh

Having a regular flow of new comments to a page can keep the page “fresh”; we all know that Google is ramping up on the importance of “freshness” within their algorithm and search engine, so keeping your blog posts fresh and updated with new user activity will do wonders for your rankings.

3.) Strong indicator of value

If a large amount of people are commenting on your page, then to search engines, your page is interesting, valuable, and worth talking about; from a search engine perspective, this makes your page a perfect candidate for increased ranking. Google’s job is to deliver content that is relevant and high quality; if tons of people are commenting on your content, that’s a pretty solid indicator to Google that your content is valuable!

What are your thoughts on blog comments and SEO? Have you seen any significant increases as a result of stimulating discussion within your blog posts? We’d love to hear in the comments below!


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