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I'm also a writer at some pretty big sites.

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Hi, I'm James Parsons! I like building sites, racing anything that's fast (sports cars, dirt bikes, motorcycles), games, punk rock, guns, traveling, the outdoors, tinkering with electronics, and making things. I live in sunny California by the beach, and run my businesses from home. I love my Macbook, and I'm addicted to Reddit. I geek out over rare, collectible, or custom made things, both online and off. I normally enjoy working alone on my projects, and my life's work and goal is to build applications and services that makes life easier for businesses and individuals. If I'm not outside riding my supermoto or at the beach, I'm slowly building my next project!
Hi! I'm James Parsons. I'm known in marketing circles for my content marketing and SEO expertise. I write for several major publications about blogging and business strategy, and run a small handful of internet-based businesses. I enjoy buying and selling domains, designing websites and coding them (like this one), and creating new useful products for small businesses and individuals. I’ve been mentioned on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and dozens of other major publications, and my work has been seen by millions of people across the web. To read the casual version of my bio, click the toggle switch that says "Business". Its just an inch or so up on your screen ↑
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