Ghostproxies Review: Speed, Quality, and Service

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If you’re a serious marketer, you’ve probably shopped around for proxies for your SEO or automation software in the past. I buy proxies regularly for programs like Scrapebox to help me scrape web URLs by the millions, for competitive research, link analysis, and audits.

GhostProxies caters specifically to powerusers like myself. Their proxies are the fastest in the industry, they are very accomodating with special requests, and their proxies work with just about any software and services that you can throw at them. Most providers cap bandwidth, and aren’t very friendly to power users.

Before writing this post, I did some research on GhostProxies to see if anybody else left any legitimate reviews. I was surprised to see that all of the reviews were automated spam by competitors to make their competition look bad while simultaneously promoting their product.

Take this site for example:

Example 1

This site mentions dozens of companies in the proxy industry, and rates most of them a 1 or a 2 star to hurt their reputation. Along with this, they leave fake reviews.

Here’s another funny one:

Example 2

And one last one. Notice they all start with “Absolute crap”, “Absolutely horrible”, “Absolute joke”. These were all written by the same people:

Review 3

After hearing so many good things about GhostProxies from forums, Twitter, and word-of-mouth, it seemed unlikely that all of these people genuinely rated it the lowest possible score. I mean, rating it the lowest score because they “Asked for your information”? Really?

Is this US-based company really stealing money from all of these people and getting away with it, or are GhostProxies’ competitors a little un-imaginative in their reputation management attacks?

So, I decided to write an actual review about GhostProxies as an actual paying customer. Let’s dig in.

First Impressions

Ghostproxies takes a day or two to get your proxies set up. If you’re in a rush and need proxies ASAP, regardless of the quality, look into public proxies or a service like InstantProxies. Since the proxies need to be assigned and set up manually for each client, it takes a short while, but the wait is well worth it.

After about 6 hours, my proxies were setup and delivered to me via email. The proxies I bought from Ghostproxies outperformed proxies I used from several other companies (I won’t name them here to maintain the integrity of the article). They all load in mere milliseconds, were from the United States, and worked on every website that I could think of.

Proxy Speed Test

One of the best things about Ghostproxies is all of their proxy IPs are created just for you. They are on gigabit lines (1000 mb/s) and have unmetered bandwidth, which was one of the main selling points. I’m surprised some of the largest proxy providers still limit their bandwidth, but I digress…

So, my first impressions? I’m impressed. The proxies are reliable and connect the first time every time, which is exactly what I need them to do.


Ghostproxies is based in the United States, and their support team is friendly and helpful. I responded to them requesting an IP refresh, since they advertise one free monthly refresh per month, and I wanted to take them up on their offer.

I sent my email on a Friday, and got a response Monday (which means they are probably closed or slower on the weekends). They told me my IPs had been refreshed, and I could see them in my dashboard after logging in. Two minutes and some copying/pasting later, I had some fresh new virgin IP addresses.

I’m happy that they don’t use a bloated ticket system, and send traditional emails. It feels much more personal, and they aren’t trying to say anything they can to close the support ticket.

“Please let me know if theres anything I can do to help and I’ll take good care of you.”

It’s amazing how far that line goes in customer service. Not “go away”, but “let me know if you need anything else”. So far, so good, Ghostproxies.


Ghostproxies pricing is very fair at about $1.50 per proxy on average. If you’re getting a smaller plan, you’ll pay more per proxy, but with larger plans (such as 250 or 500 proxies per month), you’ll pay about a dollar per IP, which is stellar for unmetered gigabit virgin proxies.

Here’s what their pricing looks like on their signature packages:

Ghostproxies Standard Pricing

If you’re looking to get thousands of proxies or more, the price drops even further, to as low as $0.67 per proxy, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen for proxies of this caliber.

Ghostproxies Bulk Pricing

They aren’t the cheapest, but if you’re looking for the cheapest, why are you looking at unlimited private proxies?

Is GhostProxies a Scam?

Ghostproxies is ranked #2 on Google currently for “Buy proxies”, and they are one of the largest proxy providers on the internet. That would be a lot of wasted potential if they were just scamming people out of their money and losing all of those subscriptions after the first month.

Rank 2

Most of the scam sites I’ve seen have been in business for a year or less (fly-by-night websites). I did a check of their domain registration data, and they have been in business for over 4 years now, and have a strong presence on social media, which are both good signs.


At the time of writing, I’ve been subscribed to my 500 proxy package for 4 months now, and I’ve never had a single problem with their company.

So, is Ghostproxies a scam?
No, they are not. If you’re hesitant, well, start with the smallest package possible and upgrade once they have delivered.

Final Thoughts

GhostProxies has a great service for a great price, and I’ve more than paid for the cost of my subscription with the money their proxies have helped me make.

I mainly wrote this article in response to the spam and competitor attack reviews that I read, and I hope this helps out somebody looking to buy some proxies for their software or their business. I run several internet-based businesses myself, and I give shout-outs where they are due.

What is your experience with GhostProxies? Let me know in the comments below!


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